About Us

Hound Hub is a design studio for all animals and humans! Hound Hub was established to assist with fundraising and awareness opportunities for canines that need our support. A percentage of all sales is dedicated to supporting various Canine 'not for profit' organizations with the hope that every dog gets a chance to enjoy life in a happy, safe and supportive surrounds. A % of profits from selective items will be donated to Animal Rescue Group. 


Hound Hubs Founder, Holly. 

I conceived the idea of Hound Hub in 2016 when my partner and I welcomed John the Whippet to our family. However, at the time it was purely an idea with no major developments. Hound Hub began to pick up momentum when we fostered and adopted Nero the Greyhound. At the time I had done some volunteer work which showed me how many of how many dogs out there need our help, whether it be fostering, adopting or donating. Hound Hub has allowed me to simply give back by donating part profits from my items sold along with raising awareness.

The Hounds behind Hound Hub

Hound Hub wouldn’t have happened if John the Whippet never joined the team in early 2016. John is a big part of Hound Hub and carries the title of Social Media Manager due to his obsession with Instagram. His friends would describe him as a lovable larrikin who enjoys pounding the pavement most days after work in order to keep his slender physique. When push comes to shove John is the go-to guy for all things Hound Hub.

In 2017 we were delighted to announce a new member to the team, Nero the Greyhound. He came on board in a Middle Management role but quickly settled in. He was soon promoted to Head of Production due to his calming presence on the workshop floor. He’s a true problem solver and never backs down to a challenge. Nero spends his spare time relaxing by the pool, catching some sun and often pops up in Johns Instagram snaps.